EXY spray foam insulation of foundations

The foundation of the house should be sufficiently insulated to prevent heat loss in areas in contact with the ground. By insulating the plinth with EXY spray foam you will avoid unnecessary heat loss, moisture build-up and subsequent mould growth in this area. Depending on the location and nature of the foundation, this or perimeter insulation can significantly reduce heating costs. EXY spray foam protects the entire building from frost, moisture and mould formation. The insulation of the plinth is carried out approximately 80 cm below the ground and in this area ensures a reduction of thermal bridges between the external wall and the foundation.


We recommend the tried and tested EXY 34 HFO insulation to insulate the plinth. The foam is simply applied to a clean and dry surface and there, after expansion, forms a continuous insulation layer without joints. The foam reaches up to thirty times its volume and as a result, the foam reaches and hardens in almost all gaps and joints in masonry or concrete, preventing unwanted heat leakage.

External insulation is particularly advantageous by preventing thermal bridges in the transition area from the basement to the heated living rooms. In addition, perimeter insulation is particularly necessary if the basement is used as living space. The insulating foam hardens within minutes of application and can be treated accordingly - for example, a waterproofing coating can be applied to additionally protect the building from water.

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Our professional applicators can insulate a typical family house in one day. We will come with the technique to any construction site. Foam insulation can be done at any time of the year.
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Fast application

Insulates all gaps and joints.

It effectively insulates and prevents excessive cooling of the walls.

Significantly reduces heating costs.

Reduces the risk of mould formation.

It allows the basement to be used as living space.




One of the most effective insulation materials commercially available. New generation EXY 34 HFO.
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