Insulation of ceilings and soffits

Ceiling insulation is mainly carried out to improve the thermal comfort of the rooms. The foam insulation layer will prevent heat leakage and thus reduce the cost of heating the room. In turn, you won't spend as much on air conditioning in the warm summer months. Older apartment buildings in particular lack a ceiling insulation layer and this is where EXY spray insulation is the most suitable solution.

This is what the ceiling looks like BEFORE and AFTER spray foam insulation

Thanks to our wide range of foams, you can insulate your ceiling with either soft or hard foam. Soft foams with an open cell structure are most commonly used in timber buildings. Hard foams are used, for example, for cellar ceiling insulation, as their closed cell structure provides an excellent air-, vapour- and waterproofing layer for your cellar. When applied, the foams can easily get into hard-to-reach places, between pipes, etc.

See how spray foam insulation works
Our professional applicators can insulate a typical family house in one day. We will come with the technique to any construction site. Foam insulation can be done at any time of the year.
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Spray foam insulation in the ceiling

Does not require mechanical anchoring

Fast application of insulation up to 300 m2 per day in two people

Minimal load on the building structure

Creates a 100% continuous layer without joints

Prevents the formation of thermal bridges

It has a long service life and unchanging insulation parameters

It is not harmful to health

Unpalatable to rodents



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