EXY FLEX Silicone Roof Coating


The better the roof is protected from the weather, the more durable the surface and construction. With our waterproof protective coatings EXY FLEX you ensure waterproofing, thermal insulation and UV resistance. As any flat roof with a bitumen, concrete or metal surface must be able to withstand adverse weather conditions, the requirements for tightness and durability are high. In particular, moisture penetration must be prevented at all times so that the durability of the materials is not unduly stressed. Whether an extremely durable or a fast-drying version - with our coatings you make a significant contribution to preserving the value of your roofs.


Product advantages

High protection against moisture

Particularly breathable

Optimum elasticity and durability ratio with high elasticity thanks to the use of silicone, which has excellent long-term weather resistance after curing.

Easy to use: spray gun application and no spillage even on a steeply sloping surface, wall or window sill

Thanks to the long processing time, you have plenty of time to apply granules, for example.

Increased curing speed: After application, the paint quickly acquires its properties such as high weather resistance.

EXY FLEX silicone coating can be stored in unheated areas even in the colder months.

EXY FLEX is a breathable waterproof coating that provides protection against temperature and weather fluctuations. This silicone coating has a long service life and can be easily repaired, even after damage due to mechanical influences. EXY FLEX silicone coating is available in 18.9 l plastic containers (23 kg) and 190 l steel drums (236 kg), in white (3502) and light grey (3504).


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