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We offer a wide portfolio of polyurethane products suitable for any project.

EXY insulation not only improves the quality of the indoor climate, but also increases living comfort and living standards. It ensures perfect thermal insulation and prevents the penetration of pollutants such as dust and other impurities from the outside.

The biggest advantage over conventional insulating materials is that the foam does not change its parameters and insulating properties, it does not change its shape unlike insulating cotton wool or blown cellulose, and therefore it is reliable due to its long service life.


Benefit from a professional insulation solution that perfectly adapts to the look and shape of your building. The EXY SPRAY SYSTEM foam insulation is extremely effective and has long-term unchanged insulation parameters. The foam is applied by certified partner companies, which can insulate up to 300m2 per day with two people. Thanks to its structure, the spray foam offers ideal insulation properties even with thin layers – without taking up much space.


In spray foam insulation, you can choose between foam insulation with an open or closed cell structure.

Insulating foam with an open cell structure is suitable where emphasis is placed on the penetration of air and water vapor. It is especially suitable for insulating rooms with different temperatures. The insulating foam represents a perfect integral layer without joints and mechanical anchoring.

Insulating foam with a closed cell structure, on the other hand, represents a perfect air-tight, vapor-tight and waterproof barrier. With our premium insulating foam for a wide range of applications, we offer the right solution for every building. Whether it is a new construction, renovation of an old building or a larger construction project – thanks to EXY sprayed insulation, energy costs can be reduced by up to 70%, even with a demanding building structure.


Don't know which foam to choose? We will advise you.

We have over 25 years of experience in building insulation around the world. Do not hesitate to contact us - we will certainly find a more suitable insulation solution for your house.

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