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Both types of foams are excellent insulating materials with almost unrivalled insulation parameters. The difference between the foams is that closed cell insulation is suitable for spaces where there is not enough room, or for spaces such as basements, laundry rooms, floors, etc. From 6cm thick it acts as a vapour barrier. In contrast, water-based open cell spray foam is diffusionally open and allows water vapour to pass through, which prevents mould and allows the building structure to breathe. It is therefore also suitable for timber buildings and diffusion-open buildings.

EXY spray foam insulation can replace virtually all so-called conventional insulation processes and materials. It is suitable for new construction or renovation of buildings. It is used from foundation insulation, floor insulation to building envelope and roof insulation. As the only company on the market we offer different types of sprayed PUR foam which have different technical parameters and properties. Our experts will be happy to recommend the right foam for your application.

The main difference of our products is our own production. EXY foams are not imported or repurchased foams. They are a premium range of insulation foams that we develop and manufacture ourselves and have full control over the quality of the input material, which sets us completely apart from other companies on the market. Both the production and the quality of the application itself is key for both our partners and our end customers. We control the expertise of our partners. This unique combination has a great influence on the quality of the final product and the service our customers receive. There are many companies in Europe that offer various foams that are often substitutes for quality foams or are literally dangerous and use banned substances that are flammable and toxic. The customer does not know the difference and often falls for the various tricks of companies that do not even have sufficient equipment, facilities or expertise. Another factor is the price. Poor quality foam is cheaper by tens of percentages and the customer chooses the cheaper foam thinking that he will save money, which is the opposite. Thinking they have quality spray foam, they defacto lose out and save no money. Further, there can be significant problems from mold, foam shrinkage, crumbling, possible odor, etc. In order to choose quality foam, certificates from independent certified laboratories are required to truly confirm the performance of the insulation foam. It also helps to read up on the product on the internet, which is a very good tool to assess. A lot of smaller companies in the Czech Republic make superlatives about where the foam comes from, who makes it, changing the name of the product. On the certificate in the Czech Republic, it is possible to put information that the company is the manufacturer and the customer has no chance to find out what the product is, creating a big problem. EXY insulation materials cannot be compared - compared to other products commonly found on the market. HONTER operates throughout the European Union and the U.S. Our know-how and more than 25 years of history make us a strong partner in the production and development of polyol for polyurethanes and other products.

EXY spray foam is a unique, one-of-a-kind blend of B-components. A two-component system (Isocyanate component A and polyol component B) that when mixed under certain temperature and pressure, creates a PUR foam in which millions of tiny air bubbles form. The mixture expands to 50 to 150 times its original volume, depending on the type of foam, by means of superchargers. The foams are divided into open or closed cell structures according to the cell structure formed. This is a big difference and it is necessary to understand the advantages and disadvantages. It is very important to choose professional and well-trained applicators who are trained directly by the manufacturer. Unprofessional foam application can have fatal consequences.

If the foam is properly installed (processed), it does not change its shape and lasts for the lifetime of the building and has unchanged insulation parameters. EXY spray foam adheres to the substrate without the need for mechanical anchoring, creating a seamless insulation layer. The foam fills all hard-to-reach areas and eliminates thermal bridges, preventing cold/warm air from penetrating into the building.

EXY insulation creates a continuous insulation layer, eliminating airflow and moving the dew point outside the building structure. It also eliminates airflow and creates an envelope system, which is very important.

Polyurethane foam is not a food source for rodents.

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